One of our most popular and distinct cocktails in our tasting room has been the Penicillin. Single Malt has been a divisive spirit for some. The light applewood smoke in this whiskey has been the delight to most, but for those that haven't fallen for it, they usually fall for this drink. The classic cocktail uses the smoke from the spirit to help balance the bite of ginger and lemon in this delicious and refreshing cocktail. 

2oz Judson & Moore Single Malt
.75oz lemon juice
.25oz Liquid Alchemist ginger honey syrup
.5oz of honey syrup (equal parts honey and water)
.25oz extra smoked malt (or Islay Scotch) as a float
dehydrated lemon slice & flower to garnish

To start your build, you'll need a shaker and an additional strainer. Add your lemon and ginger syrups into the shaker, then your whiskey. Fill to the top with ice and shake vigorously for around 30 seconds, then double strain your drink into a Coupe. In our tasting room we use a very smokey private pull of single malt as a float, but you can use any Islay Scotch Whisky (such as Laphroaig) as a substitute. The float, which is a small amount of that whiskey poured over a stirring spoon on top of the cocktail. This puts the smoke right on the nose of the cocktail to remind you of its base spirit. Finish the drink with a garnish of a dried lemon slice and flower.


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