This holiday season, we put together gift ideas based on the kind of whiskey drinker you or your loved ones might be. Below are three sets that includes items we sell year round in the Tasting Room. Our shelves are full of friends and brands we love and respect and are excited to put next to our spirits in the tasting room. Stop by and see what other options we have for your home, family, and friends.

Highball Cocktail Combo
For the person who wants an easy drink after work and enjoy their evening, a Highball is the way to go. This combo features playing cards from Misc. Goods Co. 
Based in Louisville, KY, Misc. Goods Co builds products with practical purpose — keepsakes which are set apart. Manufactured and produced in America.

Judson & Moore Rye Whiskey: $49.95
Jack Rudy Classic Tonic Syrup: $18
Misc. Goods Co. Playing Cards: $15
POPQORN- BjornQorn Fine Popping Kernels: $15

Bourbon Neat
The neat drinker knows taking it slow means absorbing all those details. They enjoy the finer things and take the time to study up on new things. The candle is made by Flamingo Estate, one of our favorites at the distillery. 
Based in the hills of LA, the Flamingo Estate is home of Richard Christiansen and serves as the creative home to a company that approaches lifestyle goods in a radical way. They cultivate the wildest gifts from Mother Nature directly with farmers who have regenerative practices creating some of the most elegant soaps, candles, and pantry goods in the country.

Judson & Moore Bourbon Whiskey: $49.95
Misc. Goods Co. Ceramic Flask: $125
Flamingo Estate Candle: $50
Fire Kit Matchstick Holder: $98
Whisk(e)y Lexicon Book: $40
Proof: The Science of Booze Book: $16

Penicillin Combo
Drawing from one of our favorite cocktails, you can find the ingredients for the beverage and more for your pantry at in our Tasting Room. The ginger in this combo is from Diaspora Co. one of the few places trying to pave the way for better sourcing of spices and products worldwide.
Single-origin spices thoughtfully sourced throughout India and Sri Lanka, Diaspora Co. works directly with farmers and is dedicated to developing a more equitable spice trade. 

Judson & Moore Single Malt Whiskey: $59.95
The Lula Cookbook: $50
Bird and Bee Raw Honey: $14
Diaspora Co. Makhir Ginger: $12
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