Aug 11 2022

Sima Cunningham & Sabine McCalla

Free Event | 8pm - 10pm


Sima Cunningham's musical history spans over 15 years, over 30 records, and hundreds of days on the road touring with Jeff Tweedy, Richard Thompson, Iron & Wine, Chance the Rapper, Twin Peaks, and her own band, the experimental indie-rock band OHMME. Her solo material dives deep into her Armenian roots and reflection on family as descendent of genocide survivors. In her life she has focused much of her work on building connections and healing divides through music. This passion is much of what gave OHMME the title of "the heart of the Chicago music community." Her live performances are touching and sincere and the seasoned entertainer always delivers thoughtful and intentional shows.


Timeless, angelic, and evocative - these are the words that come to mind when describing the musical stylings of Sabine McCalla. McCalla turns a new page in an old book, adding a new verse to the cannon of folk tradition that takes listeners on a journey through the depths of human experience. She combines American roots of r&b, folk, and gospel with lyrical poetry that speaks to the soul, and musical agility that spans decades of genre. Whether it's a lamenting ballad or a rollicking dance number, McCalla's penchant for storytelling matched with heart-wrenching melodies and musicianship is hard to come by.